Saturday, April 13, 2013

More photos of the 2013 Annual Art Show

We are grateful to the many volunteers who stepped forward, as they do every year, to make the Art Show the success that it is. Hours of work were put in, from receiving submissions to hanging the artwork to cutting cheese slices for the vernissage and everything in between, so to everyone who helped, a large thank you from all our members. I did not manage to photograph everyone and only some of you appear in the photos, but you are all appreciated.


Photos: Judith Pickard

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The 2013 Annual Art Show

Some photos from this year's Art Show, as always a feast for the eyes. Our guest of honor was Monique Polak, author and Humanities and English professor at Marianopolis College. In attendance were also students from the Creative Writing program who gave readings, as well as Marianopolis pianist Caroline Wong who enchanted so many with her playing throughout the evening.

The prize winners for this year are:

First Prize - Roxanne Dyer for The Mani
Second Prize - Annette Wolfstein-Joseph for Auberge ....aubergine
Third Prize - F.A. "Tex" Dawson for  Closse and Pilot on Guard - Place d'Armes
Honorable Mention - Sara Barnoff for the Garden Spot

Shirley Cohen working at the reception table
Cheryl Braganza
Linda Scott Harris taking care of the silent auction table
Caroline Wong
President Leslie Cohen opening the ceremonies
Judges Claudio D'Angelo, Jennifer Hornyak and Brigette Desroches
Annette Wolfstein Joseph receiving second prize
First prize winner Roxanne Dyer
Leslie Cohen, Roxanne Dyer, Annette Wolfstein Joseph, Sara Barnoff, Tex Dawson
Sara Barnoff, Honorable Mention, and Tex Dawson, Third Prize in conversation
Guest of Honor Monique Polak
Marianopolis creative writing students, Ariane Béland and Sarah-Eve Larivière

Photos: Judith Pickard