Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shirley Cohen: Woman of the Year!

Our Shirley Cohen, the Montreal Council of Women's Woman of the Year this year, was honored at a gala luncheon, held at the Omni Hotel yesterday in recognition for the years of volunteer service she has given to different organizations in Montreal, and most especially for her perseverance and dedication  in saving WASM at a critical moment in its history. WASM was not the only organization well represented at the lunch, there were members from the many and various organizations that Shirley has participated in over the years. After lunch, Shirley was presented with her award by the Right Honorable Lucie Pepin and delivered a speech infused with her warmth, humor and above all her passionate belief in the importance of service to one's community. Congratulations Shirley! 

Guests arriving and Shirley receiving congratulations.
Bonnie Stamos Destounis and Shirley Cohen

WASM members arriving. From right, Sam Clement, Jackie Wloski, Annette
Wolfstein-Joseph, Sharron Gallagher, and Mary Jane Telfer
Cheryl Braganza at the piano.
Frances and Josette
Dave Carmichael and Shirley Cohen
Josette Wecsu, Annette Wolfstein-Joseph and Jackie Rae Wloski
at the cocktail before the luncheon.

The Honorable Lucie Pepin, MCW president Sandra Cohen-Rose, and
Sheryn Hylton-Parker, wife of the US Consul.
WASM members fĂȘting
More WASM members...
And the day's star, Shirley Cohen
Marilyn Suojanen, Ann Chippendale, and Polly Graves (American Women's Club)
President Leslie Cohen with this year's guest of honor at our
Annual Art Show,  Monique Polak
Bonnie Stamos Destounis beginning the award ceremony
Josette Wecsu introducing Shirley Rind Cohen

The Right Honorable Lucie Pepin presenting the award

Bonnie Stamos Destounis and Shirley Cohen
Sandra Cohen-Rose and Shirley Cohen
Shirley with past recipients of the Woman of the Year Award
Cheryl Braganza and Ginger Petty
Sheryn Hylton-Parker and Pennie Polak, former president of AWC
Your WASM bloggers, Judith Pickard and Jackie Rae Wloski