Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday luncheon at the University Club

The snowstorm did not slow down WASM members from attending our annual holiday luncheon. A great success and greatly enjoyed by all. The music, the food, the company was lively and entertaining, and this year saw a silent auction and raffle with items generously donated by a number of people. A festive occasion all around.

Suzy Charto and Annette Wolfstein-Joseph

This magnificent quilt made by Mary Jane Telfer has been donated to the silent auction to be held at the art show in January. At the luncheon we all had a sneak preview.

Derek Yaple-Schobert and Shirley Cohen, the Hospitality Chair

Alma Faye Brooks and Louis Toteda provided the musical entertainment

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alma Faye Brooks and Louis Toteda at the Holiday Luncheon

The highlight of this year's holiday luncheon was entertainment by the marvelous Alma Faye Brooks and Louis Toteda. Here they are performing "What the World Needs Now". Tomorrow I'll try to post some of the photos of the luncheon and the silent auction.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dorothy Grostern - Art as a Second Language

Yesterday painter Dorothy Grostern talked about her artwork, the thoughts and processes that lie behind the finished images and the themes that have attracted her over the years. She showed many slides and explained her particular penchance for creating images without a fixed meaning, images that allow the viewer's interpretation to interact with the emotions and gestures of the figures.
One interesting aspect of Dorothy Grostern's lecture were notebook pages with preparatory drawings for some of the paintings.
Windows are a major theme for Dorothy Grostern - Through a Green Window
A second major theme, staircases. Staircase
Figure and stairs

Her fondness and familiarity with cats translated into a series about cats. Below Living Together. Later she moved on to larger cats with a series on tigers.

Memory as a subject became expressed in the clothing that her grandmother fabricated. The Dressmaker

Wild Roses

After the lecture

I know this photo is blurry, but I find it beautiful and full of atmosphere. Facing the camera on the right, Dorothy Grostern, and on the left, Shirley Katz.