Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annual Art Show 2010 of the Women's Art Society

The 2010 Annual Art Show is up and looking fantastic at Ogilvy's Tudor Hall. Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts, the show will have a shorter run than usual, but that did not discourage turnout at the vernissage last Saturday afternoon. A large crowd, much praise for the artists and an enthusiastic response to the varied artworks. Many thanks go to all the members who took time and care in planning, hanging the show and in preparing the food for the vernissage. Here are my photos from the event:

President Leslie Cohen introducing our guest of honor
Guest of honor Eve-Lyne Beaudry is Conservatrice de l'art contemporain
at the Joliette Musée d'art

The prize winners of the WASM 2010 Annual Art Show
. From the left: Eleanor Perkins (honorable mention), Marilyn Lamond (third prize), Sara Barnoff (second prize), Mylinh Vu (honorable mention), Annette Wolfstein-Joseph (first prize winner), and Guest of Honor Eve-Lyne Beaudry.
Eve-Lyne Beaudry and Leslie Cohen
First prize winner Annette Wolfstein-Joseph with her work, Tropicanna

Norma Lehrer and Pauline Shapiro
Jackie Rae Wloski (on the left)
Deanne Hall-Habeeb and Suzy Charto Dunkelman
Marilyn Lamond (on the right)
President Leslie Cohen enjoying the vernissage
Annette Wolfstein-Joseph and Sandy Baylin
Jane Wigglesworth

"Behind the scenes", Shirley Cohen at work

Friday, March 19, 2010

Agatha Munroe (1935 - 2010)

Last Tuesday, after the lecture, we lingered on to remember, celebrate, and regret the passing of Agatha Munroe -- artist, mother, friend, couturière extraordinaire, lover of life (and the Shopping Channel!), an active force in our local art scene. She never did anything halfway but threw herself with passion into all she involved herself with. Many people stood up to remember her generosity and share memories of good times with Agatha. Her son and daughter-in-law, Robert Munroe and Deborah Pinnell, from Kingston, were present to share this warm-hearted moment with us. It was a privilege to share a bit of life's road with you, Agatha, and we will miss you greatly.

Shirley Cohen opening the memorial service

Josette Wescu and Frances Balough (above) share memories.
Below, Jane Wigglesworth, Lillian Moore, Shloime Perel, and Joanna Bayles.

Robert Munroe and Deborah Pinnell

Signing the memorial book and looking at the photo album

A couple of photos from the album

Candies for Agatha

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Poster for the Art Show

I was unable to attend today's talk, so unfortunately I have no photos to show. However, I did just receive this year's poster for the upcoming Art Show from Leslie Cohen. A real stunner!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shirley Katz: A Changing Vision

Shirley Cohen and Frances Balough leading the annual meeting

After our annual meeting last Tuesday, Shirley Katz, well known to many of our members, gave a lively talk, showing slides and talking about her work and working techniques, and taking us through the different media that she has experimented with over the years. Many fans (and dedicated collectors) in the audience.
I know Shirley was not always happy with the slides projected (faulty color or color saturation), and my photos are taken from those slides, but I hope they give you a feel for her tremendous talent and imagination.

Shirley Katz and Annette Wolfstein-Joseph

Multimedia works from Shirley's latest show, Altered Egos

Shirley's early work had autobiographical roots (below: her gradeschool teacher)

Singers are a recurring theme, in and out of the shower

Shirley's sculptures are also mixed media