Friday, April 1, 2011

Caroline Derome and Margaret de Castro

Last Tuesday we had a fabulous recital given by flutist Caroline Derome and pianist Margaret de Castro, both from the Schulich School of Music at McGill. They played a full program with works ranging from Joseph Bodin de Boismortier to Fauré and Schumann. They finished with a lovely choice of Celtic melodies. The recital truly conjured up images of springtime. Thanks to Liliane Goldman for bringing this duo to us.

Caroline Derome
Margaret de Castro
A bit blurry but we love this photo
Submitted by Jackie Wloski and Diane Cannuli


  1. This event was such a pleasure. Rarely do musicians have as welcoming and inquisitive an audience as we interacted with at WASM.
    I speak for Dave and Paul as well in thanking you.

  2. Very happy to see Mrs. de Castro here. Some three decades past she taught me all I know about playing on wonderful tracker organs.

    She is an exceptional teacher and musician. I wish her long years of good health and happiness.