Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pascal Yiacouvakis -- Complexity of Weather Forecasting

Complexity was certainly the mot du jour for Pascal Yiacouvakis' talk, but let me add the word engaging. His lively observations and well-organized presentation made this topic, so close to Canadian hearts, one of our most popular ever.

Pascal Yiacouvakis setting up for his talk
Taking care of the shop -- Shirley Cohen and Ann Chippendale
receiving ornaments for our Christmas Tree at the MMFA
Great hats department! Rose Raba and Frances Balogh before the lecture
Veronica McDermott and Deanne Hall-Habeeb
The basics from Pascal Yiacouvakis. Here he explains "thermal justice", how the too-hot and too-cold spots trade off energy
If you look carefully at this slide, you can see the gigantic computer
(bottom photo) that tracks global weather information
Complexity in action. All the different souces of weather data.

A satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina. To collect information, planes,
Hurricane Hunters, fly over the storm and right into its eye.
This lovely photo is the first satellite photo ever taken, in 1960.
Pascal Yiacouvakis and Louise de Tonnancour who organized the talk
Lots of questions for Mr. Yiacouvakis, during and after the lecture

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