Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cultural Outing: Opera de Montréal

Our second cultural outing, beautifully organized by Louise de Tonnancour, was a backstage tour of the Opera de Montreal. General and Production Director Pierre Dufour led our visiting group through the labyrinth workshops, sets, and costume racks behind the scenes.

Thanks to Louise for the wonderful photos, captions...and of course the memories.

General Director Pierre Dufour begins the tour

The costume workshop, a real Alibaba's cavern

A smiling Pierre Dufour has plenty of reasons to be proud.
"Producing an opera is a very long procedure. It can take up to five years."

Sometimes, new fabrics get to be aged, in this little corner
Costumes everywhere!
Props. It takes what it takes!
Isles and isles like this one..each well identified. Rest assured we did not loose anyone.

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