Thursday, November 26, 2009


Mandolinata's program was quite eclectic, ranging from the lovely Partita Antiqua to ragtime to Vivaldi as well as Japanese and Italian melodies. Musical director Johanna Hebing first started playing in her native Holland and has continued performing and teaching here in the Montreal area.
Pre-concert bustle in the auditorium
Johanna Hebing and Adele Lafrance preparing
WASM member Carol Thom plays the Mando Cello with Mandolinata
1st Mandolin: Johanna Hebing
2nd Mandolin: Adele Lafrance
Mandola: George Evers
Mando Cello: Carol Thom
Guitar: Pierre d'Etcheverry
Mando Bass: Ernest Zuidinga

Johanna Hebing introducing a piece

Carol Thom, Ernest Zuidinga, Pierre d'Etcheverry
Adele Lafrance
An Italian mandolin
Ann Chippendale thanks Mandolinata for their performance

I had a second concert riding home on the Metro!!

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  1. Nice to see and read on the internet about my aunt Johanna Hebing. Its a small world after all ;-)

    kisses from Holland
    Yvonne Hebing