Saturday, November 25, 2017

Some Events from 2014-2015

SEASON 2014-15

WASM 2015 JURIED ART SHOW – “From Natural to Abstraction” June 6 to 12, 2015.

Photos of the vernissage of June 6, 2015 and the art show at Galérie E.K. Voland, 4710 St. Ambroise.

Photo credits:  Sharron Gallagher, Aurelia Istinah, Deanne Habeeb

- lst Prize winner:  Jackie Wloski for MMFA Staircase

- 2nd Prize winner:  Roxanne Dyer for Body Imagined

- 3rd Prize winner:  Deanne Hall-Habeeb for Stargazer – Hovey Manor

- Honorable Mention:  Lynton Martin for Kitchen Still life

Cultural Outing - The AVMOR Collection – March 31, 2015

Member Annette Wolfstein-Joseph kindly arranged a private visit in Old Montreal to the AVMOR Collection, a wonderful exhibit of paintings and other creative endeavours by mainly local artists all housed in this century old building at 445 St. Helene Street. There were about 20 of us, some who had been there before and others for the first. Marie De Claw was our guide who gave us historical background on many of the works exhibited, including the eclectic tie display. Avi Morrow began the collection many years ago and is President of the Avmor Art and Cultural Foundation. You may contact Marie De Claw at 514-282-3301 to arrange a visit by appointment.

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