Sunday, November 26, 2017

WASM 's Public Fundraiser

This public fundraiser was held November 8-9, 2017, in the atrium of 1000 La Gauchetière. We raised $300 in sales of raffle tickets and art works. We thank Jean-Coutu and DeSerres for their lovely gift baskets donated for the raffle. 

A big thank you to all the ones who volunteered at the fundraiser:
Elaine Bacal (WASM VP), Veronica Dragnef (Treasurer and Web Admin), Veronica de la Colina (Secretary), Bonnie Hill (Hospitality Chairperson), Eileen Miller (Hospitality Chairperson), Deanne Hall-Habeeb (Art Exhibit Chairperson), Teresa Maglietta (WASM Artist Member), Barbara Salonen Fox (WASM Artist Member). 

Thank you to all the Artist Members who brought in their artworks enriching the fundraiser:
Elaine Bacal, Veneranda Kreipans Wilson (WASM 2nd VP), Veronica Dragnef, Eileen Miller, Deanne Hall-Habeeb, Teresa Maglietta, Barbara Salonen Fox, Elke Attal, Ilse Martin, Caroline Jarvis, Jackie Rae Wloski, Jad Alnasrallah, Stanley Wasilewski, Marielle Robichaud, Bonnie Frankel, Avy Loftus, Marianna Newkirk and Leslie Fehler. Thanks again.

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