Monday, March 8, 2010

Shirley Katz: A Changing Vision

Shirley Cohen and Frances Balough leading the annual meeting

After our annual meeting last Tuesday, Shirley Katz, well known to many of our members, gave a lively talk, showing slides and talking about her work and working techniques, and taking us through the different media that she has experimented with over the years. Many fans (and dedicated collectors) in the audience.
I know Shirley was not always happy with the slides projected (faulty color or color saturation), and my photos are taken from those slides, but I hope they give you a feel for her tremendous talent and imagination.

Shirley Katz and Annette Wolfstein-Joseph

Multimedia works from Shirley's latest show, Altered Egos

Shirley's early work had autobiographical roots (below: her gradeschool teacher)

Singers are a recurring theme, in and out of the shower

Shirley's sculptures are also mixed media

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