Friday, March 19, 2010

Agatha Munroe (1935 - 2010)

Last Tuesday, after the lecture, we lingered on to remember, celebrate, and regret the passing of Agatha Munroe -- artist, mother, friend, couturière extraordinaire, lover of life (and the Shopping Channel!), an active force in our local art scene. She never did anything halfway but threw herself with passion into all she involved herself with. Many people stood up to remember her generosity and share memories of good times with Agatha. Her son and daughter-in-law, Robert Munroe and Deborah Pinnell, from Kingston, were present to share this warm-hearted moment with us. It was a privilege to share a bit of life's road with you, Agatha, and we will miss you greatly.

Shirley Cohen opening the memorial service

Josette Wescu and Frances Balough (above) share memories.
Below, Jane Wigglesworth, Lillian Moore, Shloime Perel, and Joanna Bayles.

Robert Munroe and Deborah Pinnell

Signing the memorial book and looking at the photo album

A couple of photos from the album

Candies for Agatha

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  1. What a beautiful tribute! Thank you all. Merci. We will never forget you.