Friday, January 12, 2018

Atwater Library Lunchtime Lecture Series and MMFA "Hard-Edge Abstract Workshop

Kristian Gravenor shares some of the nostalgic and little-known true stories in his book, "Montreal 375: Tales of Eating, Drinking, Living and Loving."  Cathy Keays and Maura McKeon enjoyed the lecture.
Free Seniors' Thursday Workshops at the MMFA from 2 to 4pm. January theme "Abstract Painting - Hard Edge". It was a lot of fun at this month's workshop. This example of hard edge is from Cathy Keays. Here are the materials and procedure. Materials: acrylic paint, medium, masking or painter's tape, brushes, container of water, rags or paper towels and illustration board or a good sturdy paper. Procedure: place your tape down on the paper any way you like. Then put a thin coat of medium on the edges of the tape, so the paint doesn't bleed underneath the tape. Then paint your colors in the spaces that you want. Then take off the tape and let paint dry before putting more tape down and painting. Repeat the procedure until you feel it is done. If you add medium to your paint the coat will be transparent. If not, then the coat will be opaque.

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