Friday, November 2, 2012

Members' Day: Tania Shamy

This year's Members' Day talk was given by Tania Shamy to a crowded lecture hall. Beginning with Frederick the Great's gift of a 1000+ piece porcelain service to Catherine the Great, Dr. Shamy led us through the ins and outs of history and porcelain's place in it. Her slides, taken during research trips to Russia, showed us porcelain figurines, table decorations, plans for elaborate banquet settings, rooms whose every surface were covered with porcelain plates, the renowned cabinets de curiositiƩs, and more.

After the talk, new members were welcomed and had a chance to introduce themselves and then everyone got down to the serious business of coffee and cookies and enjoyable conversation.

Annette Wolfstein-Joseph and Tania Shamy

Shirley Cohen busy with tickets for the Holiday Luncheon
Carol Donoghue at the Reception desk

Photos: Judith Pickard

More photos (of Dr. Shamy's slides) from Jackie Wloski:

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