Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sheila Caplan: Finding My Way with Clay

Terrific lecture today by Montreal potter Sheila Caplan. In a personal and immediate way, she talked about the path her life took, leading her into a lifelong love of working with clay. Her first enchantment with the mysterious transformation of a lump of earth into something beautiful and useful is very much alive today, as is her fascination with all the permutations and possibilities inherent in the medium. Clay type, glazes, fire temperatures, type of firing...the interplay of so many factors bring to each new project a fresh approach. Shelia showed slides of her work and set out a display of her gorgeous pottery.

Sheila Caplan setting out some of her pottery.
Annette Wolfstein-Joseph pre-lecture with Sheila
Tickets are already of sale for our holiday luncheon.
Last minute technical adjustments with Dave Carmichael.

Annette thanking Sheila Caplan for a delightful hour.

Sheila Caplan and Sharron Gallagher.

Photos and text: Judith Pickard

And some photos by Jackie Wloski from the slides Sheila showed of her work:

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