Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Photos: WASM Annual Art Show

Lots of fun pictures from our vernissage and I am sure you will recognize familiar faces (starting with Lily Azerad-Goldman below). Will try and get some of the names in before I take off for the holiday weekend. Best wishes to everyone for a happy holiday and see you next week when we have our talk on the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
Jackie Rae Wloski, center
Michele Tougas and Annette Wolfstein-Joseph
Sandy Baylin speaking with Jacques Clément, one of the show's judges
Birte Paul and friends
Dee Atif and friend enjoying my kid-kodak poses
Pauline Shapiro on right
Joyce Johnston with her guests
Julie Nadler on the right
Diane Cannuli, center
On the left, two of our three judges, Adèle Beaudry and Michael Climan

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