Friday, October 28, 2011

Members' Day: Tex Dawson

The Members' Day lecture and meet-and-greet was on October 18th, apologies for posting this with some delay. Here are Jackie Wloski's wonderful photographs and notes from the occasion:

Tex amused us all not only with his artworks but with his amusing stories of his travels and experiences. He spent about 20 minutes explaining his technique and who he did these drawings for (himself while on his travels, and for the Gazette when he was employed to do drawings of buildings etc.). He started out professionally as an architect, hence the great interest in buildings.

The largest part of the meeting was handing around a huge quantity of his drawings on paper and answering questions, so we all got a close look at his works.

The last part of the meeting was reserved for new members, who stood up and talked briefly about themselves, and then we all enjoyed coffee with delicious baked goodies by Shirley Cohen.


  1. HI Grandpa! it's Camille :)

  2. Where is the photo of the plateau Mont Royal