Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dave Laing, Greg Clayton & Paul Johnston

The last meeting of the year featured the jazz ensemble of Dave Laing (drums) Greg Clayton (guitar) and Paul Johnston (bass) who performed as well as providing a master class of sorts, initiating us into the inner workings of jazz improvisation. As in all art forms, effortless on the surface, complex below that surface.

Before the performance, the Annual General Meeting was held, and we took time to recognize Carol Lodge, now a member for 25 years! Congratulations and thank you for your loyal support.

Carol Lodge and Leslie Cohen
Dave Laing
Greg Clayton
Paul Johnston

President Leslie Cohen has put her heart and soul into Women's Art this year, working tirelessly, continually bringing new ideas to the table and finding ways to adapt to the ever changing cultural environment. Energetic, engaging, always ready to listen to the needs of the members, she has provided innovative leadership. From all of us, an appreciative thank you, Leslie!

Here are Dave Laing, Greg Clayton and Paul Johnston performing Body and Soul

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  1. This event was such a pleasure. Rarely do musicians have as welcoming and inquisitive an audience as we interacted with at WASM.
    I speak for Dave and Paul as well in thanking you.