Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zsolt Alapi: Underground Women Writers

Underground was truly the key word in the title of Zsolt Alapi's talk, as he introduced us to a world of women writers few of us were familiar with. Alapi, editor/publisher of Siren Song Publishing and the literary journal The Loose Canon, is passionately involved in this non-mainstream, edgy writing world and he provided us with both history and context to what is going on today. I'll post his photos of some of the principle participants in this movement as well as the Powerpoint summaries of their career highlights which I copied by camera rather than by pen.

Diane di Prima whose life Alapi presented in great detail, was really the forerunner of the women who followed her. She lived her life at the center of the Beat and psychedelic revolutions.

Di Prima with Amiri Baraka, formerely known as Leroi Jones

Di Prima's memoir of the Beat years gives a gritty portrait of the times
Di Prima's autobiography talks in depth of her life

Laura Hird
, the Scottish novelist and short story writer, who publishes the work of young writers

Heidi James is one of the young writers showcased by Laura Hird

President Leslie Cohen, before the lecture, with the McCord Museum's tech guy, Dave Carmichael who makes all the presentations possible
. Thanks Dave!

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