Friday, October 15, 2010

John Fox at the Klinkhoff Gallery

I'm a bit late with this posting, but it's definitely worth getting these images up.
The first cultural outing, organized by Shirley Cohen, was our annual visit to the Walter Klinkhoff Gallery on Sherbrooke Street. This year's retrospective exhibit featured paintings by the late John Fox. Well known art historian (and wife of this marvelous artist), Sandra Paikowsky,
spoke to us about Fox's artistic trajectory, his studio practices, his teaching and enthusiasms. A true portrait of the artist.

Gallerist Eric Klinkoff introducing the speaker

Shirley Cohen making some opening remarks. Behind her, one of the large paintings from Fox's abstract period

Sandra Paikowsky

John Fox had a deep passion and abiding love for the city of Venice which he visited and where he worked for several months every year. He died in Venice, suddenly, as he was about to return to Montreal, and is buried there. Below is a painting from one of his early visits in the 1950's, followed by a painting from a later period.

Ramo di muti, Venezia

Montreal, home for most of the year, was a frequent subject for Fox

The Cleaners

His late period featured a lighter palette of ravishing colors

Sandra Paikowsky speaking with members after the talk
You can see more of John Fox's artwork at:

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