Friday, October 23, 2009

Claire Holden Rothman's literary talk

Claire Holden Rothman, Montreal author of The Heart Specialist, gave last Tuesday's lecture, leading us through the different stages of her research for this riveting historic novel, based loosely upon the life of Dr. Maude Abbot, one of the first women to practice medicine in Canada. Lots of Montreal history, even more feminist history as we heard about Rothman's discoveries during her research at McGill. But the lecture also gave us a glimpse into the process of transforming facts, research, the details of everyday Victorian life into fiction. Here Ms. Rothman was generous, showing us numerous "before" and "after" views into her work. Members who have already read her novel were delighted, those who have yet to open its pages were defintely inspired to walk down the street to the nearest bookstore!

Claire Holden Rothman and Dr.Hans Möller who
organised the lecture

Dr. Möller introducing the speaker

President Leslie Cohen thanking Ms Rothman for her interesting talk
Hidden behind the camera is WASM archivist Shirley Cohen at work
...and the photograph that will go into the archive

Claire Holden Rothman speaking to members after the lecture

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